Neighborhood Watch

The Board of Directors with the efforts of residents Darragh and Jen, created a neighborhood watch for our community about a year ago. The purpose of the watch is to observe and report unsafe criminal activity, in addition to reaching out to the SCPD, the Coram Civic Association, and businesses in the area for inclusion and support . The watch also makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding safety issues in the community. To report unsafe or criminal activity, you may dial 911, 1-800-220-TIPS, (631) 851-COPS, or contact the 6th precinct at (631) 854-8600. Non-emergency, questionable, or suspicious activity can be sent to the Neighborhood Watch coordinators via email at The information will be forwarded to the SCPD Community Liaison office. Residents interested in joining the Neighborhood Watch or who would like additional info, can email the coordinators at the above email address.

Finally, if you SEE something SAY something. If you witness illegal activity call 911 immediately. Contacting the North Isle Office or Neighborhood Watch is good and greatly appreciated and should be what you do AFTER you call the Police. Try to gather as much detail as you safely can such as a description of the people or cars, the time of the incident, what activity you witnessed, if the people involved live in North Isle, if you have seen similar activity in the past etc. This information will help the Police in arresting these criminals and removing them from our Community.